The Sacred Oak


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Cloud Gazing

Posted by Blanche Magee on August 15, 2011 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)
The first time I really knew there was something bigger than just myself was while cloud gazing as a young pre-teen. I would lie out on this brick wall in front of my house staring into the blue sky full of clouds and birds. I would sit or lay there for hours trying to write poetry about what ever I felt. A lot were about boys I thought were cute or I was mad at, but most of the time I would just feel the presence of the universe all around me. It was magical and peaceful.

I started doing this again recently. I find it is harder now days to find time for this, but when I do I just listen to the sounds all around me and the peace and stillness is so amazing. Birds chirping, leaves rustling, children playing, dogs barking…whatever sounds you hear in nature is pure Goddess. For years I was missing something in my life, but since I started this small ritual I feel the newness and excitement of the events of the day in life once again.


Goals I wish to accomplish.

Posted by Blanche Magee on August 3, 2011 at 10:23 AM Comments comments (0)

1. Do som activities with my daughter and spend more time with her.

2. Keep my house cleaner.

3. Be more positive about everything around me.

4. Be more affectionate to my husband.

5. Exercise daily to help loose weight and feel better.

6. Stop smoking.

7. Enjoy life in general.

8. Finish writing my book I started.

9. Do more rituals.

10. Meditate daily!

11. Make more money.

12. Pay off credit card debt.

13. Draw beautiful pictures of everythng I think of or see.

14. Continue Belly Dancing.

15. Eat more sushi!

16. Call my friends more.

17. Plan a party.

18. Learn more about God and Wisdom.

19. Try to live my life as close to Jesus and Buddas examples.

20. Visit Eygpt and India some day.

21. Dress beautiful once in a while.

22. Join a coven of like minded Pagans.

23. Paint my bathrooms and bedroom.

24. Get flooring for my house (Not sure what kind yet)

25. Plan my garden for next year because I am doing it!!!

26. Think before I say things to people.